5 Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy has continuously been gaining fame and usage as time goes by. However, this does not mean that it does not come with some disadvantages. There are a number of problems that the solar energy brings along, and which you should know and expect before acquiring a solar energy conversion system.

Being aware of the challenges that the solar energy brings is important and will help you come quickly to terms with what you will meet when acquiring and using its conversion system. The following are the disadvantages of solar energy that you should be aware of.

1. Initial installation is expensive
Although using and maintaining the solar energy system may be cheap, the initial cost of purchase is high and may even be too much for you. Acquiring a reliable solar panel that will meet all your needs may be too costly. The relevant authorities in most regions have been trying to help the people by cutting down on some charges, but this has not been effective in bringing down the prices to the level of affordability to the average person.

2. Solar energy is always unavailable at night
Solar energy comes from sunlight. This means that it is always unavailable at night and a person will have to use stored power or grid power during that time. If the homeowner is always unavailable during the day, then this means that the direct solar energy will always remain unused.

3. Storing the energy is expensive
Solar energy is always available during the day and the best way a person can be able to use it during the night is through storing it in batteries. These batteries need not be connected to the grid for them to be able to store the solar energy. This sounds like a good option, but purchasing the batteries is always difficult because the reliable ones are always expensive.

4. High solar power production requires big spaces
For you to be able to produce more electricity, you will need more solar panels. All the solar panels must be accessing the sunlight, and if your roof is not big enough, then you will have to rely upon on your yard acreage. Of course, this results in the coverage of your personal family area that could be used for other activities.

5. Producing and transporting solar panels brings pollution
For starters, solar panels are made using polluting materials. The process of making the panels is commonly polluting and ends up harming our environment. The completed solar panels also need to be transported using vehicles that produce harmful gases as they burn their fuel. Using solar energy is conservative, but the process of making and transporting the necessary equipment is always detrimental to the environment.

Solar energy is always reliable but brings in a number of disadvantages. The negative effects it brings should be known and considered before any related decision making. You should consider the stated disadvantages and let them be a part of your decision making before you purchase and install your solar energy panels.